Minggu, 20 Maret 2011

The Narrative Text

Narrative text is a kind of text to retell the story that past tense. The purpose of the text is to entertain or to amuse the readers or listeners about the story.
The generic structure of Narrative text :
1.    Orientation : It sets the scene and introduce the participants (it answers the question : who, when, what, and where).
2.    Complication : tells the problems of the story and how the main characters solve them.
3.    Resolution : the crisis is revolved, for better or worse.
4.    Re-orientation : the ending of the story.
5.    Evaluation : the stepping back to evaluate the story or the moral message of the story
Linguistic features :
1. Use active verbs.
2. Use past tense.
3. Use conjunction.
4. The first person (I or We) or the third person (He, She, or They).
5. Use specific nouns.
6. Use adjective and adverbs
Kind of Narrative text :
1. Legend : Sangkuriang, Malin Kundang, etc.
2. Fable : Mousedeer and crocodile.
3. Fairy tale : Cinderella, Snow white, Pinocchio, etc.
4. Science fiction

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